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Our Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement

The Cathedral School of Saint Matthew endeavors to provide a Catholic Education, which promotes the spiritual, intellectual, moral, social and physical development of all students.

Vision Statement

The Cathedral School of Saint Matthew is an educational community where learning is continuous, applicable, and adaptive to the needs of all learners as they prepare for future educational endeavors.

Core Beliefs

Belief in providing a Catholic Education that focuses on the spiritual, intellectual and physical growth and development of all learners.

Belief in Catholic faith, which is fostered through prayer, liturgy, and community service.

Belief in providing a safe, secure, nurturing environment that supports the changing needs of an increasingly diverse student population.

Belief in building a nurturing learning environment that fosters shared responsibilities and mutual respect among all stakeholders.

Belief in providing facilities and technologies that enhance student learning.

Belief in aligning curricular areas from kindergarten through eighth grade with the Indiana Academic Standards and instructional goals as outlined in each grade level’s academic standards.

Belief in utilizing a continuous improvement model for curriculum development that facilitates a timely response to emerging student assessment data patterns in local and state standardized assessments.